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About Us

Hello Eco-Beautiful

We’re specialized in Korean skincare and beauty products for everyone — for women and men, all skin types and concerns. K Beauty World represent Korean beauty but also Know-how of Beauty. World means our earth which we care a lot about.

We aspire to create a world where beauty and being earth-conscious can co-exist without compromise and a world designed to discover, experience and enjoy together. Let's be Eco-Beautiful ♥

Learn, Experience, Share K-Beauty Lifestyle

Growing up from Korea, we have been naturally exposed to Korean beauty products, trends and skin care routines from a young age making it one of our core strengths.

Living in different places around the globe such as North America, Europe, Asia, Oceania — we were able to learn the needs of skin-focused products and alternative approaches of skincare routine and insightful tips.

Our desire is to share what K-beauty can offer at its best while introducing novel and exceptional products that have a natural and eco-friendly touch.

ABC Curating Mission

Affordable, Beautiful, Conscious

Our curation focus is on high-quality, ingredient-focused yet cost-conscious beauty products that are in line with our values for a safe and effective care routine for our skin.

💛  We love skincare products which are made of organic, natural, vegan, cruelty-free, and non-toxic ingredients in clean and trustworthy practices.

💛  We aim to support your beauty balance between 'high-quality & innovative' and 'ethical & eco-friendly'

💛  We try many new products, learn ingredients, how they work, and listen to each brand’s story and philosophy to seek out the best fit for our (and our customer’s) belief and principle.

Why Korean beauty?

Simply, Korean beauty products fit our ABC mission (Affordable, Beautiful, Conscious) perfectly and they are designed to address all skin types and a variety of skin needs basing on your skin conditions and problems.

These top Asian beauty products are known for its original, innovative, and great value with high performance. Thankfully, many K-beauty brands are now putting a high importance and value on the use of safe, natural, and eco-friendly ingredients with the growing trends of green beauty.

We’re your go-to beauty store if you are the ones who love to discover and experiment fun glowing skincare experience while appreciating plant earth’s natural beautifiers.