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Article: 10 Best Korean Travel-Friendly Powder Face Cleansers

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10 Best Korean Travel-Friendly Powder Face Cleansers

If you're after a clear, even skin tone, but normally break out with harsh exfoliants, a powder cleanser can level up your skincare game, seriously.

Best Korean Enzyme Powder Cleansers for Face sensitive skin pimples acne cosmetics men gym K Beauty World

You might think that finding the best facial cleanser won't make a huge difference in your face care, but healthy, glowing skin starts with the first step in your skincare routine—cleansing your face.

If you're familiar with Korean beauty tricks, you may immediately think of the famous double cleansing method, but today we're going to learn about the powder cleanser, which will totally change the way you cleanse your skin.

What is a powder cleanser (Enzyme cleanser)?

Powder cleaners pack highly potent enzymes that come in the form of a paste or foam, basically a concentrated and dehydrated version of liquid cleaners, and get a little creamy or foamy when mixed with water.

This innovative face washing method has long been used by Japanese and Korean women with milled powers from oats, rice bran and now, this ‘powder-to-foam’ face cleanser is the new “It” product in the Korean beauty industry.

What are the benefits of using a powder cleanser?

The enzymes in powder cleansers act as an exfoliator that helps reduce dead skin cells, pore size, clogging impurities, and excess sebum. It also improves the tone and texture of the skin while maintaining the skin's moisture balance. What's more, it's a travel-friendly formula that fits in both hand luggage and gym bags.

Depending on how much water you mix in, the cleansing power can be individually adapted to your skin type. Add a little water, it will be a thicker and stronger scrub for a deeper exfoliation that is good for oily skin. On the other hand, using more water makes it softer and gentler that is great for sensitive skin.

How to use powder cleanser for face?

Moisten your hand and pour the powder into the palm of your hand, then add water and mix until you have your ideal texture and lather.

Massage the product onto face, neck and décolleté in circular motions and wash off thoroughly. The enzyme powder cleaner should be used in the morning or as the second step in a double cleanse skincare routine.

What skin type should use a powder cleanser?

Powdered cleansers are likely to be suitable for most skin types, depending on their ingredients. However, anyone with sensitive skin or if your skin is prone to rosacea, redness and sensitivity, will benefit from this exfoliating product foam as it is likely to be gentler than other abrasive exfoliants. 

* Learn more: How To Pick The Right Face Cleanser for Your Skin Type?

The best face powders for sensitive skin

If you're looking for the best face powder for gentle exfoliation that won't irritate or damage your skin, here are some of our all-time favorite products to try next.

Hanskin Vitamin C Glow Powder

Hanskin Vitamin C Glow Powder face cleanser Korean cosmetics anti-aging sensitive skin care K Beauty World

Gentle enough for daily use, this antioxidant-rich enzymatic formula contains Vitamin C in the form of pure ascorbic acid to help brighten dull, uneven skin tone, reduce the appearance of fine lines and target stubborn pigmentation to restore skin's youthful glow.

This non-abrasive scrub contains plant-based ingredients like papaya enzymes (papain) that activate on contact to gently dissolve dead skin cells and leave skin feeling softer and silkier. It is cruelty free and free of artificial fragrances, colors, parabens, sulfates and mineral oils.

Stabilized Rice Bran (SRB) Enzyme Powder Wash

Stabilized Rice Bran (SRB) Enzyme Powder Wash cleanser for face men gym Korean oily sensitive skin pimple K Beauty World

A moisturizing formula contains an enzyme powder derived from rice bran - rich in vitamin B, vitamin E and antioxidants - that helps protect skin from environmental damage, and improve dullness, hyperpigmentation, uneven skin tone and texture while gently exfoliating.

In addition, the low pH facial cleanser contains papaya (papain), grapefruit and beta-glucan extracts that not only effectively remove waste from clogged pores and loosen dead keratinized skin, but also stimulate collagen production and fight free radicals.

Tosowoong Enzyme Powder Wash

Tosowoong Enzyme Powder Wash Korean cosmetics face cleanser for sensitive acne skin K Beauty World

A pH-balanced facial cleanser deep cleans pores with gentle, abundant papain enzyme bubbles that remove toxins, blackheads, dead skin cells and oil, and even makeup, without leaving skin feeling tight or dry.

This non-abrasive daily exfoliator transforms into a creamy lather once you mix it with water for smooth and soft skin with a glow, making it suitable for all skin types, including sensitive and acne-prone skin.

By Wishtrend Green Tea & Enzyme Powder Wash

By Wishtrend Green Tea & Enzyme Powder Wash vegan Korean cosmetics cleanser  acne sensitive skin K Beauty World

A gentle cleansing powder for face consists of green tea powder, baking soda (Sodium Bicarbonate) and coconut-derived surfactant, and enzymes that reduce sebum production and exfoliate skin impurities such as proteolytic enzymes, old keratin, and blackheads.

The amino acid-based cleansing agent offers great affinity with the skin and excellent moisture retention, leaving the skin well-balanced and hydrated. It is a cruelty-free, vegan product that contains no ethanol, parabens, silicon, artificial colors or fragrances. Suitable for all skin types, especially acne-prone skin.

TonyMoly I'm Rice Exfoliating Enzyme Cleanser

TonyMoly I'm Rice Exfoliating Enzyme Cleanser skin brightening korean cosmetics pigmentation acne scars K Beauty World

A lightweight, moisturizing formula is infused with rice and papaya extracts that remove dead skin cells from the surface of the skin and cleanse even sensitive skin without irritating or leaving residue behind.

This low pH cleanser helps to properly regulate your skin's pH balance with natural amino acid surfactants, not chemical additives that raise the pH, which can potentially strip the skin and damage the moisture barrier.

Papa Recipe Blemish Enzyme Powder Cleanser

Papa Recipe Blemish Enzyme Powder Cleanser natural cleanser Korean cosmetics blemish anti-aging K Beauty World

This non-irritating exfoliating cleanser consists of rice flour, enzyme powder, and PHA to gently remove dirt and impurities to maintain a proper skin turnover cycle, and to properly balance oil and moisture in the skin and keep the skin moist over time.

The brand's patented ingredient, Platol White—a natural compound of 8 ingredients (purslane, rosemary, gold, angelica utilis, pine mushroom, arbutin, red ginseng and rice) helps purify, moisturize, and nourish the skin. Suitable for dehydrated, dry, dull, acne-prone and rough skin.

Amorepacific Treatment Enzyme Peel Cleansing Powder

Amorepacific Treatment Enzyme Peel Cleansing Powder face scrub cleanser for mom gift 30's 40's girl friends kpop Korean K Beauty World

A daily facial cleanser powered by papaya- and green tea probiotic-derived enzymes that softly exfoliate and deeply cleanse the skin to strengthen skin's moisture barrier, giving such an instant gratification of smoother, brighter complexion.

Thanks to hyaluronic acid, this water-activated and powder-to-foam formula leaves skin nicely moisturized and aids in preserving your youthful skin that preps your skin perfectly for the next skincare step.

Sioris My Soft Grain Scrub

Sioris My Soft Grain Scrub cleanser for sensitive skin vegan cruelty-free natural skincare Korean cosmetics K Beauty World

Made with EWG-certified natural ingredients, this gentle exfoliator is composed with 86% organic oatmeal, brown rice and bishop's weed that gently dissolve dead skin, leaving skin visibly cleaner and smoother.

This non-irritating facial cleanser works wonders on dull, tired-looking skin, and uneven skin tone and texture, giving skin a softer feel and a "glass skin" appearance. 

Suitable for all skin types, including dry and sensitive skin and is recommended for use with Sioris Cleanse Me Softly cleansing milk.

Petitfee B-Glucan Enzyme Powder Wash

Petitfee B-Glucan Enzyme Powder Wash Korean facial cleansers men cheap skincare gift travel K Beauty World

An innovative cleansing powder for face contains special organic plant-based enzymes derived from papain and rice that gently break down grease, debris, and cosmetic residue and smoothly remove blackheads and dead skin cells.

A granular powder that dissolves easily in water to form a rich, creamy lather and provide a gentle exfoliating effect on the skin while other beneficial ingredients such as probiotics, allantoin, beta-glucan extract and tea tree oil help soothe stressed skin and increase skin's moisture level.

DHC Face Wash Powder

DHC Face Wash Powder best Japanese cosmetics facial cleanser oily sensitive skin Japan Korea K Beauty World

This product is not from a Korean cosmetic brand, but from one of the world's leading beauty brands of Japanese origin, known for its best-selling "Deep Cleansing Oil".

This powdered facial cleanser can be a great second step in the double cleansing regimen with the oil-based face cleanser. It is gentle enough for daily use and is suitable for all skin types, especially oily and combination skin.

Formulated with exfoliating protease enzymes to dissolve dead and dull skin cells, lavender flower and licorice root extracts to calm the skin, and honey and sodium hyaluronate to nourish the skin and replenish its natural moisture barrier. Fragrance and colorant free.

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